Monday, July 27, 2009

Buy Samsung Spinpoint Ecogreen F2 1.5 Tb 3.5Inch Internal Hard Drive at - Hd154ui Ecogreen F2 Hard Drive, Buy UK cheapest Samsung spinpoint f2 ecogreen 1.5 tb internal hard drive at cheapest price from UK Computer Shop.

Samsungs latest release Samsung Spinpoint F2 EcoGreen HD154UI is the new EcoGreen F2EG hard drive that delivers a massive 1.5TB of capacity with 500GB per disk. With increased recording density and reduced number of disks, the EcoGreen F2 drive is more power efficient by supporting a capacity up to 1.5TB with 3 disks. As hard disk capacity increases from an increased number of disks, so does power consumption. However, HD154UI Ecogreen F2 Hard Drive offers low power consumption by using EcoTriangle, a low-power, low-heat, low-noise operation technology. With its advanced design and fewer components, the F2EG drive is 40% lower in power consumption in idle mode and 45% lower in reading/writing mode than competitive drives.

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carlosmessi said...

If each one of us human try to save the planet in everything we are doing, than we will save it. Buying hard drives like this one is helping us and our planet.

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