Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Buy Buffalo HD-CE500U2 Hard Drive for Simple Solution to Back up Important Data

Get Buffalo drivestation 500gb hard drive, Buffalo drivestation 500gb usb 2.0 external hard drive hd-ce500u2 at UK lowest price and fast shipping service -

Buffalo DriveStation 500GB External Hard Drive USB 2.0 HD-CE500U2 is a simple solution to back up your important data. The Power Saving Utility constantly monitors data access to the external hard drive and automatically reduces power consumption when the unit is idle and the TurboUSB software increases data transfer speeds via USB.

The Secure Lock Ware software encrypts and protects your important personal data from theft and unauthorised access and with Auto Power On/Off Function, the DriveStation automatically turns on/off with your Windows PC. Auto installation and easy operation let you quickly store, access, and transfer files, digital images, documents, and backups.

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