Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Buy Fujitsu 250GB Handydrive MMH2250UB and Save Power with Stand-By Function Buy Fujitsu 250gb 2.5 handydrive 5400rpm usb hard drive MMH2250UB and other external Fujitsu handydrive disk drives at the UK lowest price with fast shipping.

Designed with today's data protection needs in mind, the Fujitsu 250GB 2.5 HandyDrive usb2 5400rpm external hard drive is the ultimate portable disk drive and backup system for PCs. This sleek, USB powered device is an ideal traveling companion, providing backup and access to stored data wherever you go.

The Fujitsu HandyDrive 250GB 2.5 MMH2250UB features reduced power consumption, which is part of the Fujitsu Green Policy Innovation Program. The Fujitsu 250gb 2.5 handydrive's utility management system decreases power consumption by stopping the spindle rotation in stand-by mode and reducing the spindle's revolutions per minute at start-up to save power.

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Note: - Compare dclstore ide pata hard disks product with other.


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