Thursday, August 13, 2009

Toshiba 250GB Portable External USB Hard Drive HDDR250E03E

Buy Toshiba 250 usb hard drive HDDR250E03E, Toshiba 250gb portable external hard drive at UK lowest price and offers shock protection on rough handling.

Artlessly remove the Toshiba portable external hard drive 250gb from the package and just plug and play. As the Toshiba 250gb portable External Hard Drive HDDR250E03E was designed to be placed on the desk or taken on the go, careful attention was invested in the overall aesthetic and technology. To the touch, the sleek and highly glossed ergonomic design fits neatly in the palms of the hands or can be slipped smoothly into the pockets or even in the small internal sleeve of a briefcase.

An anti-slip underside ensures that that the Toshiba 250gb external usb hard drive HDDR250E03E stays fixated to all surfaces but can be easily and quickly removed. Last but not least, Toshiba's shock protection and ramp load technology helps protect your drive from unexpected rough handling.

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