Friday, August 21, 2009

Samsung HM160HC 160GB 2.5 Laptop Hard Drive - Samsung HM160HC 160GB 2.5 laptop hard drive improves your pc performance than other 160GB hard drive. Pay the UK lowest price for Samsung HM160HC 160GB hard drive.

The Samsung SpinPoint 160GB M5 series utilizes perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology, and the hard drive design has been optimized to allow ultra-precision adjustment of the head parking ramp position for high-density recording.

The Samsung M5 Series hard drive samsung hm160hc 160 gb has been developed specifically for portable consumer electronics, where the key to success lies in controlling noise, vibration and power consumption. Samsung's HM160HC hard drives are fifteen-percent quieter and use five-percent less energy than other models with the same storage capacity. The low-noise, low-power features are attractive to notebook PC or tablet PCs users.

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