Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Q-Waves Wireless Usb To Hdmi Extender Stream Wirelessly From Laptop to TV or Projector

Product ID : Q-WAVESWIS2
Weight: 1 kg


Product Features

* Wireless connectivity from notebook/PC to projectors flat TVs and monitors
* HDMI with full video/audio support
* VGA video connectivity with audio support through 3.5mm audio jack (stereo)
* 32-bit True Colour depth for high quality images
* Up to SXGA+ (1400×1050) resolution (WXSGA+ optional)
* Watch BBC iPlayer, Hulu, 4 On Demand and YouTube on your TV
* Make Skype video calls using your TV as the monitor
* Experience downloaded movies and PC gaming on your large screen TV
* Broadcast content to TV and surf or work at the same time
* Speed up to 500Mbps with W-USB, distance up to 30 feet, simple and easy plug and play installation

Manufacturer's Description

Connect your Laptop or PC to your HD TV wirelessly, this has to be the most convenient way of getting video and audio from your laptop to your TV set without cables. This is an In-Room wireless connection, it will not stream through walls.

What Video and Audio formats are supported?
Since this is not a media streamer/player you are not limited to any particular format for audio or video. Anything you can play on your PC or Laptop will work.

Extend your Laptop/PC Display wirelessly to your TV Set.
There is no simpler way of getting Internet Video, Games, Music and Photos in Hi Definition on your TV set than wirelessly from your laptop/PC. No remote control, no limited user interface, no limit on support media formats; plays both protected, unprotected and BluRay HD video.

Designed for modern living
No cables between your laptop/PC and TV set means a simpler cable free way of enjoying digital media such as BBC Iplayer, Sports on demand, SkyPlayer and other internet video services.

Full Audio and Video support via HDMI connection through your TV
The 3.5mm Audio port on the Dock Station allows a direct connection to your audio amplifier allowing music to be streamed without the TV set being on.
The VGA port is perfect for business environments allowing a wireless connection between the Laptop/PC and a projector for example.

Advanced control

Use your favourite media player applications: Such as Windows Media Player, Media Monkey, Itunes and more
Watch your favourite Internet web video sites: YouTube, BBC Iplayer, SkyPlayer and more
Use your favourite Picture Album software to view slideshows and images, such As Flickr, Picasa and more
No new user interface to learn.
No video or audio formats to convert.
No fiddly remote to join the growing mass of remote on your coffee table.
Control everything from your laptop.

What is required to get this working ?
A Laptop or PC
A TV, Display or Projector with either HDMI or VGA connection.
(both required to be in the same room, this will not work through walls)
Optional Internet connection (required for streaming internet based video)

Product Description

Overview Q-waves Wireless USB AV Kit enables users to stream from any laptop netbook or PC directly onto your TV screen quickly and simply with full audio support. Great for PC Gaming! Make Skype video calls on your TV. Imagine BBC iPlayer on your TV - well now it's possible! Connect a TV or projector for home cinema showing your photo's or playing your music and internet radio. Free yourself to watch what you want when you want. User Benefits Movie playback from PC to your TV screen with full sound (via HDMI connection) Watch Internet content on your TV Watch your digital pictures and camcorder movies from your PC Display presentations and content wirelessly using a projector A single pack* consists of a pair of Wireless USB adapters - one for the TV or projector and one for the PC Laptop or Netbook - the solution brings Wireless USB connectivity to a range of AV devices. The Q-waves Wireless AV Kit provides full in-room coverage making it ideal for a variety of use cases such as wirelessly displaying internet content (provided over wireless LAN connection for example) on a large-screen TV (over the Wireless USB link). The ‘in-room’ wireless technology used is called Wireless USB. Certified Wireless USB is the first high-speed wireless personal inter-connect technology combining the speed and security of wired Hi-Speed USB with the ease-of-use-of wireless technology. It is backward compatible with wired USB allows users to connect up to 127 devices and delivers a bandwidth of up to 480Mb/s at 3 meters and 110Mb/s at 10 meters. Certified Wireless USB is based on the WiMedia Alliance Ultra-wideband Common Radio Platform. The Q-waves USB AV Kit is so easy to use. Just plug one USB into your PC or laptop the other into the base unit that then connects to your TV via HDMI or VGA. With this simple set-up that everyone can do you'll be watching your digital content on your big screen in next to no time!

Technical Details

Connect your laptop/PC to your HD TV or AV setup wirelessly up to 10m within your living room.
Anything that will display on your laptop/PC will display on your TV wirelessly.
Play Games, Watch videos and stream internet video (such as BBC iPlayer) from your laptop on your HD TV without wires
Listen to Music from your laptop wirelessly through your amplifier
Control everything from your laptop, no remote control required
Full HD Video at 480, 720 or 1080 (1920x1080)
Full screen or windowed display
Full audio support via HDMI through your TV
Works with Windows 2000, Windows XP (32/64 bit), Windows Vista (32/64 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
Requires a TV or Projector that has a HDMI or VGA and RCA connection.
NO network set up required with your existing router
Plug and Play wireless connection, no pairing required
Based on the USB IF Ultra Wide Band standard.
Operates at 480Mb/s at 3m and 110Mb/s at 10m
Does not interfere with Wireless LAN or DECT Phones

Please note that HDMI Cable does not included.

q-waves wireless USB to HDMI extender
laptop to TV or projector


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