Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Logitech Audiohub 980-000103 Speakers can also be used with MP3/MP4 Players Etc

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Enjoy rich, premium sound on your notebook with a one-piece speaker system that also organizes your personal devices. Logitech AudioHub 2.1 Speakers 980-000103 with Integrated USB Hub delivers exceptional audio in a breakthrough design. The AudioHub combines a unique 2.1 one-piece speaker system and three integrated Hi-Speed USB ports in a compact design that fits neatly behind most notebooks. Offering notebook users exceptional digital audio, the Logitech Audiohub Notebook Speakers 980-000103 features an adjustable one-piece, three-chamber speaker system with an integrated subwoofer that creates balanced audio with clear highs and solid lows. And a useful Mute button turns off the sound without cutting power to the integrated USB hub. To help people manage their peripherals, the AudioHub offers three built-in Hi-Speed USB ports. And when people want to take their notebooks with them, the AudioHub makes it easy to disconnect their setup by simply unplugging the USB cord attached to the computer. On the base of the AudioHub, a convenient cable management system allows people to easily pass cables from their devices to a USB port. Along the back of the AudioHub, a cable hook efficiently manages cable clutter.

At just three and a half inches in height, the Logitech Audiohub 2.1 Speakers presents a sleek, low profile design that fits almost anywhere in the home - even in the living room. And the AudioHub speaker system’s unique adjustable-width speakers effectively position the satellites around most notebooks.

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