Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kingston Valueram 2GB 533MHz DDR2 Kit CL4 Dimm Memory KVR533D2N4K2/2G

Shopping UK cheapest Kingston 2gb valueram 240pin dimm pc2-4200 non-ecc ddr2 cl4 kvr533d2n4k2/2g, Kingston 2gb and Kingston 2gb valueram ddr2.

ValueRAM is Kingston's value-priced line of industry-standard, generic memory intended for customers who have white box or generic computer systems, or who plan to purchase memory by specification. Kingston 2GB KVR533D2N4K2 Valueram DDR2 offers a broad line of modules for customers seeking the best cost/value memory. ValueRAM's KVR533D2N4K2/2G is a kit of two 128M x 64-bit (1GB) DDR533 CL4 SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM) memory modules. Total kit capacity it 2GB. The components on each module include sixteen 64M x 8-bit (16M x 8-bit x 4 Bank) DDR533 SDRAM in FBGA packages. Each 240-pin DIMM uses gold contact fingers and requires +1.8V.

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